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Furbish Family Tidbits
The following items are some of the unusual stories about the Furbish family More will be added we find them.
I.  Catherine Furbish was arrested for working on the last day of Thanksgiving, 7 July 1696.
["Old Eliot, Vol.2, p. 31]

On 6 October 1696, Andrew appeared for Catherine and plead ignorance, she was acquitted and paid court costs.
II.  Mary Furbish, the eleventh child of Daniel and Dorothy (Pray) Furbish was born about 1714. She married Benjamin Roberts on 23 October 1743.
  • Mary met with an unfortunate death from the effects of her husband hitting her on the head with an eighteen ounce stone four days before her death. Benjamin was convicted of a crime in connection with the death of his wife and he was charged twenty-two shillings and six pence for "instruments of branding" apparently used to mete out his punishment.


III.  It is interesting that the brothers Joseph Hall Furbish, Frederick Baker Furbish, and Howard Bartlett Furbish all married sisters from the
Grant family.
  • Joseph Hall Furbish married Emma M. Grant - 1 September 1870.
  • Frederick Baker Furbish married Sarah Lucretia Grant - 29 September 1872.
  • Howard Bartlett Furbish married Minnie Clifford Grant - 8 December 1873.
  • Howard Bartlett Furbish married Mabel Cecelia Grant - 24 October 1883.



IV.   Catherine Furbish, born in Exeter, New Hampshire on 19 May 1834, and grew up in Brunswick, Maine. She attended a series of lectures on botany in Boston, and later took courses in drawing in Portland, Maine. All of this prepared her for her life's avocation, collecting, painting and classifying the flora of Maine.

Kate discovered the Furbish lousewort in 1880 in a remote area by the Saint John River. The Furbish lousewort is a member of the Snapdragon family, of the genus pediculus which means a louse. Years ago farmers thought that when their cattle fed on these plants they became infested with lice hence lousewort.

She took the plant and sent it to Harvard, and the botanist there who was in charge decided it was a new species and named it in her honor. 

The St. John River area is still the only place in the world where this particular species of plant grows. 

V.   While not actual relatives of ours, these little guys on the left do speak a language called Furbish.  If you own one, 
you would know that there is a dictionary to help you translate from Furbish to English. 

The Furby  is one of the hottest new toys for the 1998 Christmas season. It is the Gremin-like plush toy from Hasbro's Tiger Electronics. When first used, the Furby will say its name, wiggles  its ears, close its eyes, moves
its beak, and dance.  




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