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UPDATED: December 21, 2001 with information from my Grandfather John W. Healy scrapbook and records dated December 25th 1892 and family Bible of my Great-Grandfather John C. Healy dated December 25th 1871.

- Insert Extended Family - Richard Dunn Family

Richard Dunn Family - John Timmins Family
Bridget Ford (Foard)
( Only sister of Ellen Ford )

Cemetery Records Online:
St. John's Cemetery - Town of Newport, Herkimer County, NY

born May 6, 1814 Co.Kilkenney, Ireland
died October 23, 1891 Herkimer Co. NY

married Richard Dunn
born March 17, 1814 Town of Grange, Co.Kilkenney, Ireland
died January 4, 1890 Herkimer Co. NY

Children of Richard and Bridget:
1. Edward Dunn
born July 17, 1838 Quiebec, Canada
died ___,
married Mary O'Connol, no children

2. Margaret Ann Dunn
born May 4, 1841 Onieda Co. NY
died ___
married John Timmins (Timmons)
born June 18, 1829 Co.Carlow, Ireland
died ___,

Their Children:
a.Edward Timmins
born April 11, 1858
died ___,
b. William Timmins
born July 3, 1860
died August 6, 1864
c. Anna M. Timmins
born December 9, 1862
died ___,
d. Richard Timmins
born December 26, 1865
died August 19, 1866
e. John M. Timmins
born June 18, 1867
died ___,
f. Lurietta Ellen Timmins
born July 31, 1873
died ___,

3. Thomas Dunn
born October 25, 1843 Town of Newport, NY
died ___,
married Catherine (Kate) Rilley
born September 8, 1851 Town of Newport, NY
died February 26, 1890

Their Children Born in Town of Newport, NY:
a. Edward Dunn
born June 19, 1872
b. Mary Dunn
born June 13, 1875
c. William Dunn
born July 13, 1878
d. John Dunn
born July 25, 1880
e. Leo Dunn
born July 30, 1882
f. Maggie Dunn
born July 9, 1887

4. Mary Dunn
born March 14, 1847 Town of Newport, NY
died ___,
married Dennis Maxwell

Their Children:
Albert J. Maxwell
born August 16, 1882

Note-children with first wife:
James Maxwell, Dennis Maxwell and Julia Maxwell

5. Richard Dunn
born March 14, 1849 Town of Newport, NY
died ___,
married Ella M. Clifford
born January 5, 1862 Town of Newport, NY

Their Children:
a. Mabel A. Dunn
born January 24, 1881
b. Franny M. Dunn
born July 21, 1882
c. Lester J. Dunn
born November 24, 1883
d. Roy W. Dunn
born November 21, 1887
e. Semour R. Dunn
born August 5, 1889
f. Bessie E. Dunn
born September 3, 1890
g. Mary C. Dunn
born October 25, 1892
h.Carl C. Dunn
born January 11, 1893

6. John Dunn
born May 9, 1851 Town of Newport, NY
married Eliza Clark
born November 22, 1851 Town of Newport, NY

Their Children:
a. Homer Dunn
born October 3, 1885
b. Mary Dunn
born June 3, 1888

Source Information:
Household Record 1880 United States Census
Census Place Newport, Herkimer, New York
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Richard DUNN   Self   M   Male   W   66   IRE   Farmer   IRE   IRE 
 Bridget DUNN   Wife   M   Female   W   66   IRE   Keeping House   IRE   IRE 
 John DUNN   Son   S   Male   W   28   NY   Works On Farm   IRE   IRE 
 Mary DUNN   Dau   S   Female   W   31   NY   At Home   IRE   IRE 
 Edward TIMMONS   Other   S   Male   W   22   NY   Works On Farm   IRE   NY 

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