L o v e

I look around me and observe in the world all the things that distract and seem to be important not only to myself but my fellow mankind.

The reality of it is that when illness, death or any other type of loss comes our way these seemingly important things melt away to nothingness.

Searching my ancestry has provided me with the realization that with each generation life is either lived with faith and goodness or just endured.

Even memories fade as time moves on to each generation and the seemingly important things of life.

The Bible is true when it speaks of faith, hope and love.

Love is eternal and enduring.

Love is the foundation that supports and gives meaning and purpose to the two pillars of life, faith and hope.

The sad thing is that for love to be expressed, tested and enduring it comes under the fire of rejection.

Love that endures is a love that hurts and sacrifices, not seeking self ownership.

Oh that I, as a love-less person, would learn and accept love and not challenge it with every step I take through life.

Accepting love without conditions can make life a joy to live and a memory worth reflecting upon till the end of time.

And then I shall know the greatest Love Giver of all.

By EEHealy


Photo by EEHealy