:: On A Hill Top In Time ::

On the hilltop I came to you and
sat at your feet to ponder
what life was like.

I read to you the account
of your sudden and horrible death
and drew closer to you.

I looked out over the valley
to the river beyond.

I thought of the valley as a place
of toil and labor with
hands and sweat of brow.

Beyond the valley
lay the river,
a river of life and hope.

Looking back over the years many paths
and roads have been traveled throughout the valley.

Sometimes these paths and roads cross
and life is enriched.

Sitting here with you is more than
a meeting in time on the journey I travel.

Sitting here with you has become a moment to renew.

To look out over the valley with you
and see a river of hope.

A river ever flowing, always renewing.

As the eternal river flows and renews
so our life is renewed
as we meet here on a hill top in time.

by EEHealy

- In Memory of Thomas and Ellen Healy -