The Roads We Travel

Looking out into the lives of nations I have noticed a few things. Progress comes as a product of growth and growth comes as a product of freedom.

Freedom comes in many forms and the struggles we see within and between nations come as a product of a difference in the view of what freedom is.

Control generally dictates the interpretation of freedom. Not all control is rooted in justice or motivated by love and compassion.

It is a sad factor that in many of these situations there is a lack of love, a love of each other as created persons by one creator demonstrated through compassion.

When love and compassion are not the foundation, justice cannot be the building.

Control forces a particular view that gives freedom to some and oppression to others.

It is this condition that results in the desire to be free by the oppressed.

Sadly, in the struggle of peoples and nations we see that one oppression is overcome only to open the door for another because the foundation of love and compassion is not part of the process, only the desire of freedom.

Thus the oppressed become the new oppressor and the cycle continues through time.

In my youth, I remember a song; "All we need is Love!" In the 1960's a generation sought love as the answer, but it also was lost in the cycle of control.

Political conditions, nations, and conflicts are all part of the cycle. History continues to repeat itself because people repeat their fathers' views of freedom.

Yesterday has come and gone with the joy and sorrow. Tomorrow is not here and will never come. Today is the day to change the cycle.