Photo by EEHealy

The Velvet Way

It was a cloudy and damp day
as I sat and looked out over the garden.

The darkness of the day
wrapped its hands over the land.

The greens were deep, rich;
and the recesses were dark,
as a mystery was in the making.

Each branch of the trees, layers
one over the other
flowed down to the ground.

Dark shadows formed
within the recesses
as holes into nothingness.

Then I envisioned you
coming into sight.

Walking upon the grass
that was as a velvet carpet
beneath your feet.

My toes could feel the velvet
with each step you made
coming closer upon the ground.

Your robes and gown flowing
gently upon the ground.

As you walked,
sparkles of rainbows sprang
from beneath your gown
as it flowed gently upon the ground.

Your hair long and soft
as silk flowing over your robes,
over your gown almost to the ground.

What a marvel a beauty to behold
as you walked over the velvet ground.

Sparkles as though star lights
radiated from your hair
flowing long almost to the ground.

The hands of the day
wrapped around you
and as they did
they began to glow
as polished brass.

All the colors of the day
became deep and rich
no more gray to stay.

The air was filled
with the scent of many flowers
refreshing my soul.

It was then that I recognized
who you were coming to me
on this cloudy and damp day
bringing a warmth to stay.

Love and peace flowed
gently from your lips
as honey drips from the honeycomb.

Sweet and warm
your words to me of Love.

Life and hope you gave to me
as a song to sing within my heart
to brighten the day on the velvet way.