Searching For Time


Sometimes it is necessary to sit 

and be very quiet.


To go to that one place in that moment of time,
where time seems to be but a small thin veil.


A veil that is pulled back so that time
is but a thought, a breath, a whisper.


Most of the time it is difficult to find
the place and moment at the same time.


But, for that quiet moment when
I sit and drink in, I am most blessed.


I wonder about the spirit of the man
that lives within this dwelling I call me.


Throughout time the man goes through life
filled with joys and sorrows,
always seeking,
searching for that moment
of purpose and satisfaction.


So much of time is filled with those activities
that in time will be of little consequence.


Always busy filling the time
until there is no time to fill
and not enough time in the end.


So it comes, the time
when a quiet place is necessary
to clear the mind
and come to know
the spirit of the man within.


What is the direction,
the purpose of that
which so often occupies each day
and wastes the time?