Angel Wings

From the pit of despair
a cry for rescue screams upward.

Hearts a-pounding,
Soul groping,
Groaning from within.

Completely alone and screaming,
Cries too deep for mortal words.

Then in the midst of all this oppression
Comes the wings of an angel.

Guardian from above
Sent to rescue and lift me up
to a hopeful rest.

Your beauty is the radiance of God,
Lighting my way out of this
Deepest, darkest pit of despair.

Upon the shore of life you lay me down,
To rest upon your breast with the
Breath of life and love from God above.

From what was, I have been lifted up,
To walk upright in the realm of stooped men.

We are together,
One in spirit and purpose.

You comfort my soul and speak to me
Of Love with moments of intimate communion.

United in an eternal embrace
We treasure those moments with blessed hope
For a resurrection to real life from above.

No longer groping,
No longer searching,
No longer reaching for the unattainable.

For with you I have received
This Love and Comfort in my soul.

© EEHealy