Photo by Paul Gallagher,

There Was A Man

There was a man,
a man with great treasures of wisdom
and compassion, bottled up within.

In the eyes of others this man
was not a man, a person.

In the eyes of others this man
was shunned by all.

There was a man,
lonely and ignored by all.

In this man was a great spirit
of sound character and great value.

A value much like a great vein of gold,
outlined in silver reaching deep
into a well of diamonds, rubies
and many other fine, precious stones.

From day to day others struggle with life,
never knowing wisdom, never having character.

This man that others do not know reaches out
to help, to comfort, to lead those who struggle.

But as always he is rejected with each encounter.
As always he is ignored and no one knows
the wisdom he holds.

There was a man who turned from others
and walked alone into the setting sun.

Night rolls in upon the land
and embraces the loneliness of man.

Deep within,
the man and the night become one.

Deep within,
the night, the peace
and quietness of sleep
covers the man like a huge down quilt.

There was a man,
a man who sleeps.

Deep within,
are treasures ready to be revealed.

Like a new day,
wisdom and light to see, to know.

Those who reject,
struggle and stumble through life,
as one walking in darkness.

Oh the sadness
that those who walk in darkness
have rejected the man that sleeps.

There was a man,
a man who sleeps.

When he awakes perhaps there will be
new men who will not reject him.

New men, in a new day,
who will understand the wisdom
and receive the treasures within.

Ready to be shared from a man,
a spirit who sleeps.