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Cead Mile Failte…
a hundred thousand welcomes!

Hello, my name is Edward E. Healy and I would like to welcome you.  I hope you enjoy your visit and are able to find some useful information and links to help you in your web search.

When I was a small lad I had the spirit of an adventurer and was always full of questions.  As you can see from this photo the evidence is seen in how my Irish mother would try to hold me down to earth.

When I became an adult, like so many of my generation I settled down to the normal life of husband, father, provider and one active in a number of community organizations.

As I grow older I find my younger spirit reviving the adventurer in me.  So, like many of my generation I look forward to exploring new and exciting opportunities. 

Following my ancestor background has been a hobby, as History is my favorite subject. Most of my ancestry is Irish and Scottish, with a mix of pre-American Revolution English, Dutch and French. I have six ancestors who fought for Independence in the American Revolution.

Having an Irish name and being mostly Irish-American, I am very interested in my "Irish Family Roots." A visual of one typical Healy Family Coat of Arms is pictured on this page, along with the "Old Irish" Latin spelling for the Healy name.

Coats of Arms are an interesting tradition that continues today in many areas.  To learn more about "Coats of Arms" visit www.HealyClan.org.

Then - August 1952 Now - October 2006
Ed Healy Camping at Crane Pond Same location at Crane Pond.

Healy Family
Coat of Arms
[Registered in Ireland]

EEHealy Coat of Arms

"Saepiens Dominabitur Astris"
"The wise man will be governed by the heavens."

EEHealy Family Online
Coat of Arms Logo
[Modified Healy Family Coat of Arms]

Below is a Revised Coat of Arms
by Edward E. Healy

The white cross has been added
to give it a personal identity
representing a Christian ministry.

The motto
"Saepiens Dominabitur Astris"
Translation has been modified to
"The wise man will be governed by heaven."

This has been chosen as my Logo and Motto.

"Saepiens Dominabitur Astris"
"The wise man will be governed by heaven."

Custom Photos by EEHealy"The Chief Herald of Ireland is the State's authority on all heraldic matters relating to Ireland. The Genealogical Office, which is the Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland, is our oldest Office of State."

"The notion that particular arms can properly be used by any person of a particular name and stock has no foundation in Irish heraldic custom or practice."

"Arms identify individuals and are the personal property of those individuals. A coat of arms can therefore only belong to one person at a time. All Irish grants, while extending to the grantee’s descendants forever, contain the important condition each observing their due and proper differences." 
Irish Heraldic Authority

Having many interests and experiences including writing has lead me to compose a few articles for publication (See Writings and Bible Reflections links above) which I hope you enjoy reading.

I hold degrees in Bible, Ministry, Christian Counseling and Engineering Management.  I have certified training from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (N.A.N.C.).

Since 1978 I have served as a Hospital Chaplain, Minister of the Gospel and Christian Counselor with the Churches of Christ. Also as a missionary and teacher I lived and worked in Bulgaria for five years.

In 2001 I began my own consulting business called Veren Services. Through this resource I continue my Christian Counseling, teaching and writing ministry as a community service.

Veren, in the Bulgarian language [BepeH], means "faithful." As a Christian Counselor and Minister my business is founded on the principle of faith.

First and foremost, faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and faith in the Biblical principles that are the guidelines for life and godly living. Thus my adaptation of Faithful Service as Veren Services.

As an independent business operator of Veren Services, I provide businesses, organizations and individuals with custom design and communication applications for marketing their ideas, products and services on the Internet.

With my multi-interests and experience,
I provide the following services over the Internet.


Veren Services
provides Custom Web Page Design and Online Marketing Services to organizations and individuals. Here you will find loads of information including educational details on web page design and technical information on the Internet.

www.CapitalCeltic.Com The Capital Celtic Network is a forum for information and ideas for the Celtic, Scottish and Irish-American community. Our goal is to provide FREE Information on Topics that people are involved with everyday in the family, the community, and the market place.

The Abiding Word is my newest addition. A special web page section with links to my Blogs dealing with Spiritual and Biblical issues as well as principles of Christian Counseling.