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I want to thank David B. Furbish for the privilege of using his material in the following pages as the foundation of this Furbish Family Genealogy Resource.

Due to medical limitations is has become difficult for him to continue his original research and he has given me permission to use his material here.

The original pages were dedicated to his Great-Great Grandfather
Frederick Baker Furbish. I would like to continue that memory and also add to it the memory of all our Furbish Ancestors and the Heritage they and we pass down to each generation.

Furbish family reunion, taken about 1912
(Frederick Baker Furbish, third from the left)

"These pages are dedicated to the memory of my great great grandfather, Frederick Baker Furbish, and to his mother, Caroline Baker the woman who started the research of our family more than 100 years ago.  His work is the basis for these pages. My hope is that my descendants will carry on this project for the generations yet to come.  Most of the information on these pages has been documented although the sources are not shown because of space constraints.   We welcome comments, queries and suggestions." - David B. Furbish

"In regard to the spelling of the name, it is hard to determine what the early generations considered the right way. It has been spelled Furbish from the earliest times; and that may be the most correct way, although we have found it written Forbusher, Furbusher, Furbas, Ffurbush, Farrabas, Ferbrass, Ferbrace, Finbrace, Fferebras, Farbras, Ffarabas, Fferebas, Farrowbush, Fforbas, Forbush, Forbes, Furbish. The name comes from a forbusher or furbusher, a polisher of armor or weapons." *

*OLD ELIOT; Dr. J. L. Willis, Editor, Vol. III. ELIOT, MAINE, JANUARY, 1899 No. 1.


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