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The Furbish Family Papers

The Furbish Family Papers cover a broad assortment of topics as well as a wide time frame. The papers listed below have been transcribed from the original documents and provide a more detailed look at the history of the Furbish family. The spelling has not been corrected to meet today's standards. Because of space constraints, only two scanned images of these papers are included.

Listed are all of the documents that will eventually be posted here, although only those documents with links have been transcribed.

Map of the Furbish homestead
This is a scanned image of the original map plotted by Simeon Emery.
Inventory of the goods of John Furbish - Dated 22 December 1701.
The inventory was signed by Charles ffrost, Bonony Hodsden, John Hand and Joseph Hammond.
Bill to Caleb Emory from Joseph Furbish - Dated 5 March 1736. 
This is a scanned image of the original bill from Joseph.
Dennis Ferguson's Highway List - Dated 20 March 1800. The first page has been scanned.
This listing shows the  highway taxes to be paid by various residents of Kittery, Maine and was signed by Mr. L Gerrish, Ephriam Allen, Dependance Shapleigh, and Alex Nice, Selectmen of Kittery. The names listed in the document are:
Hugh Henision, Daniel Goold jr., Widw Sarah Bartlett & son Nathan, Benjamin Hodsden & son William
Amos Chick & son James, Jacob Brewer, James Smith, David Furbish, Dennis Ferguson & son Dennis
Samuel Goold, John Goold, William Smith, Ichabod Stacey and son George, Nathaniel Stacey, James Emery
James Jenkins, Obediah Jenkins, Alexander Goold & son Alexander, Benjamin Goold, Noah Emery, 
Noah Emery jr., Nathaniel Clark & son Samuel & servant, Hannah Tidy, Mahittibel Stacey, and Thomas Clark.
Appointment of Stephen Furbish as a surveyor for the town of Kittery, Maine  - Dated 6 May 1805.
The appointment was signed by Wm S Gerish, Joseph Hammond, and Stephen Neal Selectmen of Kittery, Maine.
Judgment against Stephen Furbish - Dated 12 February 1823.
The judgment was for Samuel Mc Intyre of York, witnessed by Samuel E. Smith and signedby Jere. Bradbury, Clerk of the court.
Will of Joseph Furbish - Dated 13 January 1808
The will was witnessed byThomas Worster, James Hubbard, Joshua Hubbard  and signed by Daniel Sewall, Reg.
Will of Stephen Furbish - Dated 5 October 1826.
The will was witnessed by Simon Emery, Noah Emery, Caleb Emery and signed by Stephen Furbish and George Thawher.
Will of Joseph Furbish - Dated 16 January 1879.
The will was witnessed by Asa Gowen, Nathaniel Frost, Edward E. Neal, and signed by Joseph Furbish, Nathaniel Hobbs and Frank Wilson.
The Blacksmith Shop - Dated 7 May 1965.
These notes about the blacksmith shop of Charles Furbish  were written by Philip G. Furbish at the age of 80.


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