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This Information follows the Hempstead Family Branch. The Hempstead Family Reunion hired an historian to research the Hempstead Family. The last known Hempstead Family Reunion was in 1945 on the Filkins Homestead in Berne, NY. This is a copy of that research dated 1945. Updates based on new Information noted with # symbol.

2005 Resource Update:
See Link to
Berne NY Historical Society
Tabulation of Ancestors of Helen Ann Hempstead -
Download Word.doc

(Updated Dates from Berne Historical Society)

S E E - Hempstead House in New London, Connecticut

Picture Lillian B. Pike age 16 Lillian B. Pike

Married John W. Healy
on June 14, 1905

They had three children.



Generations ( 10 ) ( 9 ) ( 8 ) Updated December 23, 2001 with information taken from family records, grave stones and cemetery records of Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY.

1. Lillian B. Pike ( 10 )
born 5 Jan 1882
died 15 Oct 1968

Picture of my 
Great Grandfather
Charles S. Pike age 24
in 1874 Father: Charles S. Pike Sr.
born March 20, 1850 in Troy, NY
died February 07, 1918

Mother: Helen Ann (Hempstead) Pike
born February 16, 1853
died August 19, 1922


About 1910
Charles S. Pike Sr. 
and Helen Ann Hempstead Family Siblings:
2. Addie M,
born April 24, 1874
died January 09, 1925

married Egbert E. Alexander

3. Adella,
born April 24, 1874
died _______, 1944

married William F. Sherman

4. Minnie Bertha,
born ____, 1877
died June 27, 1920

Married John (Jack) Brassel

5. Jennie A.,
born ____,1879
died ____,1935

Married Raymond Launt
Second husband Hiram J. Allen

6. Helen,
born ____
died ____

Married Chester Morse

7. Cora Susanne,
born ____
died ____

Married George R. Carnrick

8. Charles S. Pike Jr.
born ____,
died ____,

Married Alcie Van Deusen


About 1915
Standing L-R: Cora A (Hempstead) Smith, Unknown
seated L-R: Helen Ann (Hempstead), Charles S. Pike Sr., Jane (Pike) Regan 1. Helen Ann Hempstead ( 9 )
born February 16, 1853
Gallupville, NY
died August 19, 1922
Troy, NY

Father: Joseph C. Hempstead
Mother: Susanna Jane (Rosekrans)
[Hungerford] Hempstead
born ___, 1826
died February 09, 1909 Troy, NY

2. Cora Adele
(see below)

3. Henry Alonzo
(see below)

Picture of Family
Store in Troy, NY
Picture of Family Store in Troy, NY

1910 Allen's Tea Room in West Berne, NY
Owned by my Aunt Jennie and Uncle Hiram Allen


Source Information:
Household Record 1880 United States Census
Census Place Berne, Albany, New York
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Joseph HEMPSTEAD   Self   M   Male   W   55   NY   Farmer   CT   CT 
 Susan J. HEMPSTEAD   Wife   M   Female   W   54   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY 

Source Information:
Household Record 1880 United States Census
Census Place Berne, Albany, New York
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Amos HEMPSTEAD   Self   M   Male   W   68   CT   Farmer   CT   CT 
 Lovica HEMPSTEAD   Wife   M   Female   W   63   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY 
 Lyman HEMPSTEAD   Son   S   Male   W   22   NY   Works Home   CT   NY 
 Aline VINCENT   Other   S   Female   W   16   NY   House Work   NY   NY 
 Alexander SERIVER   Other   S   Male   W   45   NY   Farm Laborer   NY   NY 

Source Information:
Household Record 1880 United States Census
Census Place Berne, Albany, New York

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Amos S. HEMPSTEAD   Self   M   Male   W   42   NY   Farmer   CT   NY 
 Mary E. HEMPSTEAD   Wife   M   Female   W   39   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY 
 Francis E. HEMPSTEAD   Dau   S   Female   W   15   NY   At School   NY   NY 
 Harvey HEMPSTEAD   Son   S   Male   W   14   NY   At School   NY   NY 
 Amanda HEMPSTEAD   Dau   S   Female   W   12   NY   At School   NY   NY 
 Elias HEMPSTEAD   Son   S   Male   W   8   NY   At School   NY   NY 
 Lovica HEMPSTEAD   Dau   S   Female   W   6   NY   At School   NY   NY 
 Sarah A. HEMPSTEAD   Dau   S   Female   W   4   NY   At School   NY   NY 
 Ezra P. HEMPSTEAD   Son   S   Male   W   2   NY      NY   NY 
 Geo. B. HEMPSTEAD   Son   S   Male   W   4M   NY      NY   NY 

Joseph C. Hempstead Family Plot
Oakwood Cemetery
Troy, New York

Joseph C. Hempstead ( 8 )
born March 10, 1825 Livingston, NY
died September 17, 1897 Troy, NY

Father: Samuel Hempstead
Mother: Marenda (Bennett) Hempstead

Abby Jane,
Charles B.,
Hiram and Horace (twins),
Lucy Ann,

Married Susanna Jane (Rosekrans) [Hungerford]
on November 28, 1846

Their children were:
1. Helen Ann Hempstead
born February 16, 1853 Gallupville, NY
died August 19, 1922 Troy, NY

2. Cora Adele,
born February 20 1856 Schoharie Co. NY
died ___, 1953 Troy, NY

Married Henry L. Smith
born ___, 1857
died ___, 1912

3. Henry Alonzo,
born June 2, 1862 Albany, NY
died February 10, 1914 West Sand Lake, NY

Married Walburgh S. Benedict

born January 06, 1858 Troy, NY
died May 09, 1947 Sand Lake, NY

Children of Henry and Walburgh:

a. Elmer A. Hempstead
born February 20, 1886 First Street, Troy, NY
died May 20, 1962 Samaritan Hospital, Troy, NY

Married Mabel Hempstead
June 28, 1919

born November 12, 1889 East Greenbush, NY
died January 11, 1968 14048 Dunkirk, Chautauque, NY

Children of Elmer and Mabel:

b. Henry J. Hempstead
born ___, 1888
died October 08, 1973


Samuel Hempstead ( 7 )

(moved to Scotia, New York)
(later settled in Berne, NY)
See Berne Historical Project
(Updated Data from Berne Historical Society)

born ____, 1782
died January 2, 1860
Father: Samuel Hempstead (6)
Mother: Lucy (Hempstead) Hempstead


He married Marenda Bennett and moved to Scotia, New York.
(later settled in Berne, NY)
See Berne Historical Project

Marenda Bennett
born July 19, 1788
in Stonington, New London, CT.
died after 1870
in Westerlo, Albany Co. NY

Notes From Berne Historical Society:
*She appeared on the census of 1860 widowed in the household of her son Hiram Hempstead and Emily L. Lampaugh ? at Town of Westerlo, Albany, NY. She appeared on the census of 1865 widowed in the household of her son-in-law Alfred L. Flansburgh and daughter Malvina Flansburgh at Town of Berne, Albany, NY. She appeared on the census of 1870 widowed and in the household of daughter-in-law Emily L. Lampaugh?

Tabulation of Ancestors of Helen Ann Hempstead - Download Word.doc

Their children were:
1. Abby Jane,
born November 4, 1808
died March 2, 1849
in Berne, NY

married Perlos Grant abt.1824
married Daniel Lusk abt. 1835

2. Charles B.,
born about 1807,
died January 21, 1840
Buried Hempstead Farm, Berne, NY

*Hempstead Family Burying Ground

Charles Hempstead,
died Jan 21, 1840, aged 33 years

(twins) Hiram and Horace,
3. Horace
born October 16, 1822
died January 25, 1848

*Hempstead Family Burying Ground

Horace Hempstead,
died Jan 25, 1848, aged 25 years, 3 months, 9 days.

4. Hiram
born October 16, 1822
died October 6, 1865

5. Joseph C. Hempstead
born March 10, 1825 in Livingston, NY
died September 17, 1897
buried Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY

6. Hamilton,
born 1827
died after June 1, 1865

7. Amos,
born March 10, 1812
in Stonington, New London, CT.
died 1880

married Louisa Crawford

*Reidsville Cemetery
Amos Hempstead
Born Mar 10, 1812
Lovisa his wife
born Mar 13, 1813

8. John,
born ___
died ___, 1877

9. Sarah A.
born November 4, 1820
died August 19, 1867

*Filkins Hill Burying Ground
Wife of Daniel C. Filkins
Sarah A. Hempstead, d. Aug. 19, 1867. 46 yr. 9 mo. 24 dy.

Married Christopher Filkins Before 1839
Married Daniel C. Filkins October 3, 1840

*Filkins Hill Burying Ground
Daniel Filkins
Died Dec. 3, 1872 aged 55 years. 1 mo. & 17 days.

10. Lucy Ann,
born ___ 1815
died ___, 1877

Married Henry Gardner

11. Mary Marinda,
born July 15, 1818 in New London, CT
died August 28, 1894 in Berne, NY

Married George Filkins before 1837

*South Berne Rural Cemetery, Inc.
BORN AUG. 26 1815
DIED MAY 9, 1900
BORN JULY 15, 1818
DIED AUG. 28, 1894

12. Malvina,
born ___, 1829 in Albany, NY
died August 22, 1910

*Reidsville Cemetery
Co. B. 25 N.Y. Vols.
Died Aug. 22 1910 AE 80 Yrs.

Married Alfred L. Flansburgh

*Reidsville Cemetery
Co. C 146 N.Y. VS
Died Dec 10 1897 AE. 75 yrs.

13. Maria Hempstead,
born ____
died Dec 9 1837, aged 1 year 5 months 24 days.

*Hempstead Family Burying Ground



Samuel Hempstead ( 6 )
Samuel was baptized in New London,
Connecticut on December 11, 1748

Father: Joshua Hempstead (5) (Sheriff of New London)
Mother: Lydia (Burch) Hempstead


Married Lucy Hempstead,
born October 6, 1751,
daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Holt) Hempstead;
they were married at the house of her brother
Thomas Hempstead on November 5, 1775.

Their children were:
1. Lucretia,
born about 1776,
died November 28, 1851

Married in Hopkinton, Rhode Island
on September 4, 1794
to Nicholas Williams (born 1770)
- her gravestone reads
"Lucretia, widow of Nicholas Williams,
died November 28, 1851 aged 75."

2. Samuel Hempstead ( 7 ) probably the first son,
born ____, 1782
died January 2, 1860

Married Marenda Bennett (see above)

3. Joshua,
born March 26, 1784
died ___

Married Eunice Dennis of Stonington
November 12, 1815

4. Richard,
born about 1790
died April 16, 1856,
buried in North Stonington

Married Emily Hallet and Lucy Davis,

5. Thomas,
born ___
died ___

6. Abigail,
born ___
died ___

Married Marvin Smith

7. Sally,
born about 1786
died December 2, 1879

Married Henry Brown
- their gravestone in North Stonington read
"Sally Hempstead Brown died December 2, 1879 aged 93;
Henry Brown died December 7, 1863, aged 80."


Joshua Hempstead ( 5 ) (Sheriff of New London)
born July 5, 1724
died ____

Father: Nathaniel Hempstead (Built Second Addition to House)
Mother: Mary Hallam

Note - He was a member of the First Alarm List Co. under Captain John Deshon; turned out at the Lexington Alarm and carried the news of the Battle of Bunker Hill to New London. He lived in New London until April 5, 1750-51, moving to the farm of his grandfather, Joshua Hempstead ( 3 ) in Croton on Stonington. After the death of his grandfather, this Joshua ( 5 ) became his heir and returned to the homestead in New London, which became his by inheritance.

Married November 3, 1743 to Lydia Burch,
daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Harris) Burch.

His children were:
1. Joshua,
baptised in First Church, New London, July 8, 1744
died ___

Married Anna, daughter of Nathaniel Hempstead ( 5 )

2. Edward,
baptised July 14, 1745,
died at Grenada, September 22, 1772


3. Robert,
baptised March 8, 1747,
died ___

Married Anna Avery

4. Samuel Hempstead
baptised December 11, 1748,
died ___

Married Lucy Hempstead ( 5 ),
born October 6, 1751
daughter of Stephen Hempstead ( 4 )
the son of Joshua Hempstead ( 3 )

5. Lydia,
baptsed February 24, 1750-51,
died ___

Married William Hempstead ( 5 )
son of Stephen Hempstead ( 4 )
son of Joshua Hempstead ( 3 )

6. Lucretia,
born ___
died October 25, 1752 (see J.H. Diary)

7. Benjamin,
born August 1754
died ___

Married Elizabeth Copp

8. Lucretia,
born February 9, 1756
died ___

Married Ebenezar Colfax,
second husband Kimball Prince

9. Richard,
born about 1760
- his gravestone reads
"Died at Cape Francois, --- aged 22"

10. Nathaniel, ( 5 )
born 1762
died ___

According to death notice in Hartford Courant,
Married July 2, 1783 to Susannah Chapman,
daughter of Richard and Esther (Richards) Chapman

11. Rebecca,
no date of birth found.
A.D.A.R. record states she was born 1762
- was she a twin with Nathaniel or
was she born between 1756-1760?

12. Mary,
born 1764
died ___

Married Josiah Hempstead,
son of Dr. Joshua Hempstead ( 5 ) of Hartford,
the son of Robert Hempstead ( 4 ) of Southold.


Nathaniel Hempstead ( 4 )
(Builder of second addition to house)
born January 6, 1700
died July 9, 1729

Father: Joshua Hempstead (3)
Mother: Abigial Bailey

Married July 18, 1723 to Mary Hallam,
(born October 11, 1695)
daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Hallam.

Their children were:

1. Joshua Hempstead (Sherrif of New London)
born July 5, 1724
died ___

Married Lydia Burch

2. Nathaniel, (Builder of Stone House)
born February 12, 1725
died ___

Married Hannah Booth November 22, 1749

3. Mary,
born July 10, 1729
died ___

Married Christopher Eldredge November 29, 1749.
Her second husband was Joseph Truman.


Joshua Hempstead ( 3 ) (writer of diary)
born September 1, 1678
died December 22, 1758

Father: Joshua Hempstead
Mother: Elizabeth Larrabie

(grandson of Robert Hempstead)
Married Abigail Bailey,
(born 1676)
died August 5, 1716

daughter of Stephen and Abigail (Cooper) Bailey
of Southold, Long Island.

Their children were:
1. Joshua,
born July 2, 1698
died August 10, 1716

2. Nathaniel Hempstead
born January 6, 1700
died July 9, 1729

Married Mary Hallam

3. Robert,
born November 12, 1702
died ___

Married Mary Young (in 1725) of Long Island
daughter of judge Benjamin Young and
her second husband was Mehitable Tuthill

4. Stephen,
born December 1, 1705
died 1774

Married Sarah Holt Sept. 19, 1737

5. Thomas,
born April 14, 1708
died July 4, 1729

6. John,
born December 26, 1709
died ___

Married Hannah Salmon of Southold

7. Abigail,
born January 14, 1711
died ___

Married Clement Minor

8. Elizabeth,
born April 27, 1714
died ___

Married Daniel Starr

9. Mary,
born July 31, 1716
died ___

Married Thomas Pierpont

Note - Joshua Hempstead (3) was an important man of his time. He held many town offices and owned an estate valued at $40,000 at the time of his death. He kept a diary from 1711 to the time of his death in 1758 which was bought and published by the New London Historical Society. This book, to be found in most Genealogical libraries, is of great value, not only for the record of New London people but for the data given on the life of that period.


Joshua Hempstead ( 2 )
born June 16, 1649
died ___

Father: Robert Hempstead
Mother: Joane

Married in 1669 to Elizabeth Larrabie daughter of Greenfield Larrabie whose ancestry has never been found and Phoebe Brown, daughter of Willian and Mary Brown of Rusper, England and Long Island, New York. Phoebe Brown was the widow of Thomas Lee who died on the Passage to America.

Their children were:
1. Elizabeth,
born September 2, 1670
died November 1670

2. Elizabeth,
born December 24, 1672
died ___

Married in 1688 to John Plumb

3. Mary,
baptised March 28, 1675
died ___

Married Green Plumb, May 30, 1694

4. Phoebe,
born January 7, 1676
died September 13, 1725


5. Joshua Hempstead, (writer of diary)
born September 1, 1678
died December 22, 1758

6. Hannah,
baptised January 30, 1680
died ___

Married John Edgecomb

7. Patience,
born ___
died ___

Married Thomas Ross
second husband James Hidsell

8. Lucy,
born ___
died ___

Married in 1709 to Jonathan Hartshorne.


Robert Hempstead ( 1 )
- - - ancestor of the Connecticut family by this name - - -

# update: Born 1613 in Steeple Bumstead, Essex, England

Father: William Hempstead,
born 1593
in Steeple Bumstead, Essex, England

Mother: Mrs William Hempstead,
married in 1611 to William.

Robert's children were:
1. Mary,
born March 26, 1647
died ____

2. Joshua,
born June 16, 1649
died ____

3. Hannah,
born April 4, 1652
died ____

He was one of the founders of New London. The only authoritative statement about him is by Dr. Bank's in his Typographical Dictionary of "English Emigrants to New England" published in 1936. He states Robert Hempstead came from Steeple Bunsted, Co. Essex, England.

There are many legends about him which seem to have no foundation on facts. It has been stated he was the founder of Hempstead, Long Island. A letter to the historian of that place gave only this; that the town was named for Hempstead, England, as most towns were named for some loved town there. There is nothing to show Robert Hempstead was ever in the place, much less, one of the founders.

The statement that his wife was Joanna, daughter of Issac and Joanna Willey is also an error, chargeable to Miss Caulkins' "History of New London". There is nothing to show they ever had a daughter Joanna. Furthermore, Joshua Hempstead, grandson of Robert, kept a diary from 1711 to 1758. There are Willeys living in New London at this time, who, had this statement been correct, would have been his second cousins. He "brothered and sistered" his in-laws, said cousin to all possible and when a connection was too remote to classify, he said "kinsman". But not once, in all the years he kept this diary, did he ever refer to the Willeys as related. Who Joane, wife of Robert Hempstead was, is still to be found out.

The will of Robert Hempstead was dated September 30, 1653 (he must have been born around 1600). He mentioned wife Joane and then did a very unusual thing; gave the names of his children, with dates of their birth. "The age of my children: Mary was born March 26, 1647: Joshua was born June 16, 1649: Hannah was born April 4, 1652: Will proved June 13, 1655.


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