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Note: Many thanks to David Furbish who provided Furbish Information. (February 23, 2002)

Picture of my
Great-Great Grandmother
Lucinda A. Furbish
about 1880 1. Lucinda A. Furbish
born March 07, 1808 in York, Maine
died April 25, 1893 in Troy NY

Married James W. Pike
on March 13,1829

William McCrillis Furbish
born 1783 in Lebanon, York, Maine
baptised August 26, 1783
died December 1, 1822 in Lebanon, York, Maine

Lovey (Love) Wentworth
born November 19, 1786 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died November 14, 1839 in Lebanon, York, Maine

William and Lovey married:
January 17, 1805 in Lebanon, York, Maine

Note: Father of Love Wentworth is:
Caleb Wentworth born 1758
and Mother is:
Sarah James
November 19, 1762 in Lebanon, York, Maine.

Children of William and Love Furbish:
Lucinda Adeline Furbish
born March 07, 1808 in York, Maine
died April 25, 1893 in Troy NY

b. Jane E. Furbish
born ____,
died ____,
Married Charles Tibbetts, June 16, 1842

c. Benjamin Furbish
born 1810
died ____,
Married Patience Varney February 12, 1837
Children of Benjamin and Patience Furbish:
1) Jane E. Furbish
Born February 2, 1838 in Lebanon, York, Maine


d. Giles William
born abt 1812 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died ____,
Married Sabra Furbish May 21, 1837
More on Giles William Furbish:
Census 1: August 22, 1850, Lebanon, York, ME3
Census 2: July 5, 1870, Lebanon, York, ME4
Census 3: June 7, 1880, Lebanon, York, ME5
Occupation 1: 1850, Farmer
Occupation 2: 1870, Farmer

More on Sabra Furbish:
Census: August 22, 1850, Lebanon, York, ME6

Sabra Furbish
born December 13, 1811 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died April 6, 1885 in Lebanon, York, Maine
Parents: John Furbish and Sarah Furbish

Children of Giles and Sabra Furbish:

1) Giles William Furbish Jr.
born February 20, 1847 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died October 9, 1902 in Rochester, NH
More on Giles William Furbish Jr.:
Census: June 7, 1880, Lebanon, York, ME7
Occupation: 1880, Farmer
More on Celia A. Frye:
Census: June 7, 1880, Lebanon, York, ME8

Giles William Furbish Jr. married Celia A. Frye, May 30, 1869 in Lebanon, York, Maine
Celia A. Frye (daughter of John Frye and Catherine Gerrish)
born December 27, 1850 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died April 10, 1926 in Rochester, Strafford, NH

Children of Giles W. Furbish Jr. and Cilia (Frye) Furbish:
(a) Minnie Furbish
born December 7, 1870 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died ___
Married Thomas Baril, born Rochester, NH

(b) Bertha S. Furbish
born November 11, 1887 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died ___
Married Fred Bauman, born Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts

(c) Earle Frye Furbish
born February 10, 1891

e. Sarah Furbish
born August 17, 1819
died July 1, 1904
Married Levi W. Allen September 3, 1846

Levi W. Allen
born 1823 in Rochester, NH
died January 22, 1899


Note: Many thanks to Nancy Furbish who provided the Furbish Information below. (February 22, 2002)

2. William McCrillis Furbish
born 1783,
died 1822,

Parents of William McCrillis Furbish:
Richard Furbish
born February 17, 1745 or 46 in Lebanon, Maine
died December 31, 1816 in Lebanon, Maine

Jane McCrillis
born December 30, 1746
died April 20, 1837(?)

Richard and Jane were married on:
September 19, 1764 in Portsmouth, NH

Note: Jane McCrillis was daughter of Daniel McCrillis (1710-1763) of Co. Derry, Ireland and Elizabeth Thompson (about 1721-1817 of Ireland). They say that Elizabeth lived to be 96. Daniel and Elizabeth were married April 1740 in St.Johns Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, NH.

Children of Richard and Jane Furbish:
a. Sarah Furbish 1765 (married Nathaniel Chamberlain)

b. Daniel 1767-1843 (married Lydia Wentworth)

c. Richard 1769-1853 (married Hannah Blaisdel)
Richard Furbish
born March 26, 1769 in Lebanon, York, Maine
died July 1853 in Rome, Maine
Married Hannah Blaisdel, May 26, 1793 in Lebanon, Maine, moved to Rome, Maine abt. 1805

Children of Richard and Hannah (Blaisdel) Furbish:
(1) Richard
born ___
died ___
Married Syntha Mosher 1818, Rome, ME

born March 17, 1794
died February 24, 1875
Married Sally Wentworth

(3) Webber
born December 27, 1796
died August 11, 1865
Married Betsey ____ .

(4) Nathaniel
born 1798/1800
died 1879

(5) Abigail
born 1799
died ___

(6) Hannah
born 1803
died ___

(7) Mary
born 1807
died 1859

(8) David
born 1810
died 1895

(9) Jeremiah
born 1814
died 1889
Married Sarah Saunders

(10) Stephen
born ___
died ___

(11) Isaiah Mills
born ___
died ___
Married Eliza Morrill January 1835 in Rome, Maine.
Children of Isaiah and Eliza Furbish:
(a) John Francis, b. January 9, 1836
(b) Isaiah Augustus, b. June 21, 1838
(c) William Henry Harrison, b. March 15, 1841
(d) Anne Elizabeth, b. December 22, 1843
(e) Emily Anna, b. December 21, 1845
(f) Zachary Taylor, b. April 29, 1849
(g) Emma Elle, b. May 14, 1851

d. John 1771-1826 (married Sarah Furbish - adpoted daughter of Joseph Furbish & Hannah Stacy)

e. Joseph b.1773 (married Patty Lord)

f. Jenny (or Jane) b. 1775 (married Jonathan Blaisdell)

g. Benjamin 1777-1828 (married Rebecca Stevens)

h. Mary 1778-1855 (married John Neal)

i. Elizabeth Thompson 1779-1853 (married Capt. George Gerrish)

j. Hannah b.1781 (married Trustham Fall)

William McCrillis 1783-1822 (married Lovey Wentworth)

l. Nancy b.1785 (married Robert Roberts)

m. Molly (or Polly?) 1788-1876 (married Giles William Burrows)


Parents of Richard Furbish:
4. Benjamin Furbish
born 1712 in Kittery, Maine
died July 1786 in Lebanon, Maine
SEE Furbish Family Genealogy:

Benjamin Furbish is Grandson of William Furbish
First Generation William Furbish From Scotland

Hannah Hussey
born 1719 in Eliot, Maine
died ____

Benjamin and Hannah married:
June 3, 1740 in Kittery, Maine

Children of Benjamin and Hannah:
a. Dorothy 1742-1824 (married William Trickey)

b. Hannah b.1742/1745 (married Elijah Tibbetts Jr.)

Richard 1745-1816 (married Jane McCrillis)

d. Elijah born about 1752 (married Tryphenia Warren)

e. Benjamin 1758-1835 (married Lydia Hussey)

f. Abigail (married William Woster)

g. Charles

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